Technology and Security

On an infrastructure level the security of the service is ensured by choosing leading partners, for example, Microsoft. Sopima's services are delivered from Microsoft’s modern data center in Dublin, Ireland. Their Dublin data center is top-rated for its high security. 


In addition to the security on the infrastructure level, we have taken measures to ensure personnel security, often considered the weakest link, is not an issue.

Within Sopima's services, infrastructure and personnel security are supported by the following measures:

  • All data in the system is encrypted and can only be opened by the customer
  • Contract documents stored in to the service are encrypted and service is deployed via a secure network connection (128 bit SSL).
  • Strong authentication
  • Data security per key information model (contract type)
  • Flexible definition of the user permissions 

Trust and confidentiality of customer data are the key elements of Sopima's business concept. Sopima assures the security and privacy of our customer’s data on many levels, starting from business and regulatory requirements through to Sopimas’s staff training, software development processes, network traffic and the physical security of the data centers.

User Permissions

As contract data is often very delicate Sopima service enables both role-based and user-based access permissions. We have set up a predefined set of role-definitions in the service, e.g. management, sales, legal. These roles can be modified according to your needs.

Behind the security there is also Sopima’s unique data model which enables security settings on a detailed level. For example, a set of very delicate and secret contracts, e.g. related to M&A activity, can be tightly secured and available to only a small number of people.

Sopima partners in security are all the leading companies in this area: Microsoft®, Nixu® ja Verisign®.

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